video series in collaboration with Gaëlle Guérin
since 2015, work in progress

an actress by training, I met Gaëlle on a theater set. she under the light, me in the middle of a few hurricanes and storms. I must admit that I do not even know exactly how we came, over the course of meetings and discussions, to tackle the themes of documentaries, images and "territoires émergents" collective. anyway, she was the first to follow me on this project and to give birth to this common momentum.

explorer of humans and their memory, she strives to draw maps to understand, understand each other, find the key to memories lost or treasured. to theater she added filmmaking and editing and now walks to the frontiers of mediums and artistic fields.

first collective experience, these Correspondences are still ongoing through the vagaries of time. they put our experiences and thoughts on the editing bench and build a narrative through the back and forth of our hearts and brains.