Video series in collaboration with Gaëlle Guérin and Arno Momce since 2015.

There was a time when the link to the land, to the territory was powerful. Fundamental in some ways. Those who shared the same land were united by it. For two centuries man has been digging intensely. The earth is collapsing today under our feet so we just have to try to float together over it while trying to recreate new bonds.
territoires émergents is a collective of nomads, wanderers, walkers guided by the desire to do things together. One day here, one day there. It is by stretching our hands across borders that we advance. Through the web, also through physical encounters. We draw photographic, cinematographic, textual, concrete or virtual territories to explore together. To discover together. To be created together. It is a whole world of possibilities that we still have to bring out.

It is in this spirit that these correspondences are composed, series of videos exchanged between members of the collective but which are addressed to everyone.