François Gremaud

Born in 1990.
Lives and works in Caen

My work is simple, far from the big concepts to approach a moment of poetry. I take hold of a piece of the world, a poetic fragment that was waiting there for someone to pick it up. Sometimes it's a picture, an alliteration of words, a crossed smile on a street corner or in a glass of beer that creates a wave of feelings surging through the heart. Sometimes: a foreign language that I find myself stammering, a territory that was unknown to me and that I cross fascinated to be able to invent new rules of the game. I pick these pieces and I assemble them in readings, projections or editions in an attempt always renewed to build a new fragment of the world in which to feel good, simply. My work is ultimately just a hut to retreat to take the time to bring about utopias and:

“To make habitable  a world where it is impossible to live in peace. » Natsume Soseki, Rafales d'automne , 1908.